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I’m D.L. Mayfield, an author, partner to Krispin Mayfield, primary caregiver to two kids, and all-around anxious and curious soul.

In the past few years I have:

1). Been diagnosed autistic

2). Deconverted from Christianity

3). Came out as non-binary at age 39

4). Began naming American white evangelicalism as a fascist movement

5). Started writing about it all here!

This newsletter is the place where I channel all of my reading, thinking, and exploring as I am going through the process of being diagnosed autistic at the age of 38 and deconverting after a life spent all-in on high control religion (white evangelicalism). I write about autism, CPTSD, Christian fascism, and taking care of our nervous systems as we heal from a lifetime of high control and authoritarian spaces.

For paid subscribers, you get one extra personal essay a month, plus commenting privileges and access to an incredible community of curious, thoughtful folks who want to talk about neurodivergence, religious trauma, and building self-trust. We also have a few Zoom hang outs and conversations, as well as bi-monthly discussion threads and a new special Book Club! We’d love for you to join us :)

I grew up in white conservative Christianity and my special interest up until recently always been God and the ethics of loving your neighbor1. Now, my special interest is healing from high control religion and learning how to be a human and experience joy and pleasure even in the midst of great social turmoil.

I’ve been writing on Substack for a little over a year now and I have been blown away by what is happening here. Healing is My Special Interest has become a real community of people who are exploring neurodivergence perhaps for the first time and who also come from backgrounds that include elements of high control religions (and perhaps are exploring how traumatizing elements of this has been for them). My aim is for it to be a safe space for people to process, learn, and grow—and learn to unmask2, together. Thanks so much for being here.

Here is a bit more about why I am taking a break from traditional publishing and focusing on substack—both for community and as a way to pay the bills.

Thanks for reading along!

a white person socialied as female with super short hair is smiling at the camera.They are waring gold rimmed glasses and a tiny bit of makeup. They have on a black shirt with a white peter-pan collar, and sort of look like a quaker minister.
I promise there is joy once we name what we are experiencing. There is joy and flourishing to be found in discovering who we are and naming the oppressive systems that have shaped us!


yes, it has been a rough time


don’t know what that means? don’t worry, we will talk about it in the newsletter!

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The intersection of late-diagnosed neurodivergence and healing from high-control environments. Also, combatting Christian fascism!


Late diagnosed non-binary autistic born into white evangelicalism. Now writing about healing from authoritarian/christian fascist environments. Current special interest: fascism, miniatures, and somatic therapy.